We've been handling packages with pride since 1982.

Let us handle yours!

Are you tired of your packages being stolen?  Worried about identity theft from people stealing your mail?  What happens to your mail & packages when you're traveling?  Let PO Plus take that stress away with our mailbox services. 

PO Plus offers a physical street address for customers to receive mail through either a traditional or digital mailbox.  Traditional mailbox customers visit our store to retrieve their mail and packages.  Digital mailbox customers use a virtual service that receives, scans, and manages mail and packages online.  


Traditional or Digital - What's the difference?


Traditional Mailbox

Digital Mailbox

  •  Customers visit our store to retrieve mail & packages


  •  Customers manage their mail through an app, from anywhere with an   internet connection


  • Customers receive package notifications via text and/or email, no notifications for standard mail


  • Pictures of all incoming mail & packages are viewable online, allowing   users to read, forward, discard mail digitally


  •  Secure, locked mailbox protects mail from theft or damage


  • Online security via encrypted online data


  • Monthly flat rate pricing includes receiving all mail and up to 15 packages per month - ($37 personal / $50 business) 


  •  Plans start at $10.99, charges apply for additional services.


Which one is right for you?

Both traditional and digital mailboxes offer a secure, physical street address for our customers to receive mail & packages. 

A Traditional Mailbox is ideal for customers who:

  • live in relatively close proximity to our location
  • anticipate ordering 10 or more packages per month
  • prefer to pay a flat monthly fee vs a-la-carte pricing

A Digital Mailbox is ideal for customers who:

  • are often out of town (road warriors, frequent travelers, etc)
  • prefer to manage mail and packages remotely
  • are comfortable with a-la-carte pricing, which can result in fluctuating monthly charges

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